philosophy and values

Dr. Witt's work relies on data and rigorous science and the conviction that evidence should point the way forward. It also encompasses a fundamental concept of individual wellness defined by emotional, mental, spiritual, intellectual, physical, medical, vocational, environmental, financial, and recreational dimensions. At an individual level, these domains interact in a complex way and have a strong impact on a person's health. Patient-centered health care as well as self-care play important roles in building up an individual's own resources and both have strong potential to positively influence health and wellness across the lifespan.

Dr. Witt's professional views and practice are characterized by a multi-disciplinary, integrative, open-minded approach that welcomes input from different stakeholder groups as the best path to sustainable innovation and growth. She believes that rigidity and the exercise of extreme opinions have negative impacts on people's freedom and inhibit growth.

Her business ethics include taking responsibility for one's own decisions and actions and respectfully interacting with team members, superiors and cooperating partners.