App Intervention based on Mind Body Medicine for Cancer patients (AIM-C)

App Intervention based on Mind Body Medicine for Cancer patients (AIM-C)

Mind Body Medicine (MBM) interventions are effective to reduce cancer related distress if they are delivered in a face to face setting. We developed a MBM app with three different exercises (mindfulness meditation, guided imagery and progressive muscle relaxation) and will evaluate the use and potential health benefits for cancer patients (registered at DRKS00010481).

In this prospective observational study with a mixed methods approach 160 adult cancer patients can use the app for ten weeks. Quantitative data include clinical data, self-reported health outcomes (i.e. PROMIS 29, HADS, FACT-G, Distress Thermometer) and treatment satisfaction by questionnaires and via a continous assessment in the app. Interviews with users and non-users give insights into feasibility. The study is guided by the RE-AIM evaluation framework.

Results and Discussion:
The development of the MBM App was finished in April 2016 and the recruitment of patients started in July 2016. First data (February 2017; N=45) about 10 weeks use showed that half of the cancer patients practiced with the app at least three times a week. The decline of the weekly use from the first week (mean > 4 times), to week five (mean > 3 times) to week ten (mean about two times) is moderate. User acknowledged the easy to implement intervention in their daily routine. Non-users had extensive experience in meditation or did not enjoy the speakers voice.

Principle Investigator:
Barth, PhD (PI)
Witt, MD, MBA (Co-PI)

Project coordinator:

Research associates:
Witt, MD, MBA

Barth, PhD

Project duration:

Project status:
main phase

Swiss Cancer League