Stakeholder involvement to develop integrative medicine models

Stakeholder involvement to develop integrative medicine models


Treatment programs are more likely to be effective if the needs, values and interests of the persons involved are represented. This can be achieved by stakeholder engagement. In the medical field, stakeholder engagement means to engage, for example, patients and their caregivers, patient family members, health care providers, but also other stakeholders like patient advocacy and support groups, research funding agencies, cancer leagues or other funders of medical care. The aim of the study is to develop integrative treatment programs using stakeholder engagement and comparing the results to an expert's version. We will use qualitative and quantitative methods.

Principle investigator:
Witt, MD, MBA

Project coordinator:
Canella, lic. phil.

Research associates:

Barth, PhD

Project duration:

Project status:

The Institute for integrative Health, Baltimore, USA