Stakeholder Engagement in Clinical Research (SHER)

Stakeholder Engagement in Clinical Research (SHER)


The importance of  stakeholder engagement for clinical research has been highlighted in the United States (US) and England. Recently the engagement has been substantially supported and funded by various institutions. In Germany and Switzerland there are no data about the practice of stakeholder engagement, meaning the engagement of individuals or groups who are responsible or affected by health related decision in the research process.
Our study aims to evaluate the current state, existing difficulties and the potential of stakeholder engagement in Germany, Switzerland, the US and China. These results will provide a basis for the development of a framework for effective stakeholder engagement in clinical research. It will enable future studies to facilitate relevant outcomes, transparency and informed decision making among all persons involved. In the first phase an online survey is conducted. Afterwards face-to-face interviews, focus groups and expert panels, will be carried out.
The main focus during the first phase is on researchers. Afterwards we plan to involve respresentatives of the following stakeholder groups: patients, clinicans, payers, industry, ploicy makers, training institutions.

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Witt, MD, MBA

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Pach, MD

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