Using qualitative methods for single case research

Using qualitative methods for single case research


Scientific single-case research is applied in diverse fields such as medicine, education, rehabilitation, sport and athletic performance. In such studies the influence of an "independent variable" (e.g. the treatment vs. a control condition) on a predefined outcome is investigated mostly quantitatively in a single patient or a series of patients to assess therapeutic effects. A basic characteristic of  complementary medicine is the often highly individualized way of diagnosing and treating diseases. Quantitative methods are often criticised as not representing the individuality of clinical reality. This pilot study aims 1) to develop a qualitative methodology for the assessment of treatment effects in single patients using the example of homeopathic treatment by a medical doctor and 2) to test the feasibility of this approach.

Principle investigator:
Teut, MD
Witt, MD, MBA

Research associate:
Stöckigt, MD

Project duration:

Project status:
analysis phase

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