Zurich IEEKU (IEACI) Scheme for a Mind Body Medicine Consultation

Zurich IEEKU (IEACI) Scheme for a Mind Body Medicine Consultation

Mind Body Medicine follows an innovative and integrative concept that bridges between body and mind and facilitates self-care. Multi-modal treatment concepts combining interventions from the fields of exercise, mindfulnes, relaxation, nutrition and complementary medicine are used to increase self-efficacy and to reduce symptoms.

The Zurich IEEKU Scheme is a systematic approach for including Mind Body Medicine into a face-to-face medical consultation. This scheme has been developed based on several years of experience and tested in consultations that have 45- 60 min duration.


Components of the Zurich IEKKU (IEACI) Scheme

Informieren (inform)Informing the patient about the origin, concept and aims of Mind Body Medicine
Evaluieren (evaluate)Evaluating the resources, values, wishes and motivation for changes of the patient
Empfehlen (advise)Describing options and discussing them with the patient within the context of his/hers values and wishes, motivation, expectations and previous experiences. Providing advice or leaving it to the patient to choose
Konkretisieren (concretize)Concretizing the advice, developing individualized aims with the patient and taking action for introduction of changes
Umsetzen (implement)Instruction of exercises, execution of implementation and monitoring of changes


The same scheme could be used for a psychological consultation. Often the medical consultations have a stronger more focus on advise, whereas the psychological consultations focus more on the evaluation and implementation components. 

Principle investigator:
Witt, MD, MBA